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Introducing our Local Brands to the Global Market.
Working with more than 100+ Buyers in the market.


after bulk
in China.


All kinds of hangers are available at the office.
We provide all kind of Knit,Woven, Denim,Lace


We can also support with sustainable and Eco friendly fabric.
We are ready for any kind of support and services to our buyers.

Our Product Quality

  • The product must be designed as per the consumers' needs and high-quality standards.

  • The finished products must confirm (match) to the product design specifications.

  • The products must be reliable or dependable. They must not easily breakdown or become non-functional.

  • The product must be packed and stored properly. Its quality must be maintained until its expiry date.

  • R&G source quality, make quality, deliver quality.

Our Strength

  • Smoothly on-time delivery.
  • Better quality with better support.
  • Chinese production team follow the productions very carefully.
  • We can offer very competitive price.
  • We are ready for any kind of support and services to our client.
  • Excellent team with strong knowledge of existing products.
  • Good relationship with customers.
  • Good internal communications.
  • Successful marketing strategies.
  • Quick sample support for any customize sample.

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